Running a BID

Running a Business Improvement District programme represents an excellent opportunity to help your community grow economically and help attract new customers and businesses into the neighbourhood.  However, there is a lot of behind-the-scenes work that goes into each successful BID.

This section includes helpful information to make sure that your BID meets the requirements set out by the Auckland Council and the Companies Office. 


  • Annual general meetings

    Annual general meetings are an essential part of the BID calendar, providing transparency to programme members.

  • Audits, reports and surveys

    Learn more about your responsibility to file annual financial statements with the Companies Office and financial audits.

  • BID Policy

    The Business Improvement District Policy sets out the rules for governing a ​BID programme. There are two main parts.

  • Conflicts of interest

    Conflicts of interest regarding a BID need to be identified and addressed. Key to this is a board charter.

  • Rates and budgeting

    To fund a BID programme, council collects a targeted rate from all commercially rated properties within an approved BID area.

  • Roles and responsibilities

    Find out the responsibilities of the business association, executive committee, council and management.