​The role of a BID managerTwo people wearing dresses sitted side by side.

The BID manager makes sure that the business association meets its plan objectives. This is achieved by managing the day-to-day operations, projects and initiatives.

The role can be full-time or part-time. This often depends on the amount of funding the business association receives.  The business association’s executive committee employs or contracts the BID manager. Auckland Council has no role in this relationship.

An employment contract and a job description must state the BID manager's responsibilities and obligations, and the business association's expectations. If the business association hires a contractor or agency, there should be a detailed service brief and contract including the terms and conditions.

It is good business practice to review all roles annually.

Skills required

The role of a BID manager requires a range of core skills and abilities:

  • advocacy
  • strategic planning
  • project management
  • relationship development
  • management reporting
  • understanding legal and policy requirements of the programme and incorporated society.

Business associations also need to invest in their BID managers' ongoing professional development, with a particular focus on keeping the core skills and knowledge up-to-date.