Roles and responsibilities

The BID programme is a partnership between:

  • Auckland Council including
    • local boards
    • governing body (mayor and councillors)
    • council-controlled organisations
  • business associations.

Both have roles and responsibilities to carry out the goals of the BID programme.

To read about what each partner is responsible for, see Partner roles in the Policy Principles (PDF 454KB).


The council's role

In the spirit of keeping it local, local boards help business associations operate BID programmes in their business communities.

Both share an interest in the local area. They also share goals that include economic prosperity, community identity and pride.

The council's BID programme team provides specialist advice relating to BID programmes.

There has to be a balance between the independence of the business association and the accountability for monies collected by a public sector organisation.


Role of the local board BID representative

Local boards appoint representatives to liaise with each BID to ensure there is a direct link between the council and the business association. A position description sets out the scope and expectations of the role.

Guide for local board BID representatives (PDF, 209 KB)


Business associations' role

Every business association has an executive committee and management. Both have different responsibilities and requirements under the BID Policy 2016 Parts 1 & 2 (PDF 1.3MB).

Executive committee

Business association members elect the chairperson and members of the executive committee.

The executive committee is responsible for the governance and strategic decision-making for the BID programme.

This includes:

  • BID programme strategic direction in partnership with the local board
  • reporting and accountability requirements under the
    • Incorporated Societies Act
    • BID Policy
  • employment and direction of operational management resource.

See Business associations - board responsibilities in the Policy Operating Standards (PDF 920KB).


The executive committee appoints the management.

The management, as an employee, contractor or company, is responsible for the effective operation of the BID programme.

This role focuses on projects and initiatives as per the association's business and strategic plans.

See Business associations - manager, contractor or agency responsibilities in the Policy Operating Standards (PDF 920KB).