Start a BIDFishmonger in Papakura serving a customer in store.

Funding for each Business Improvement District (BID) programme comes from a targeted rate charged towards businesses within the BID area. Auckland Council makes these funds available for the business association to use on activities that promote economic growth in their area.

We are keen to develop successful business districts and encourage the establishment of Business Improvement Districts (BID) in areas that have significant development potential.

We prioritise areas with the greatest potential to boost regional economic prosperity.

A BID programme must:

  • be led by the business association
  • have a clear mandate from the business district
  • have local board support.

Based on experience and best practice, we have set a new financial threshold of $120,000 in annual targeted rate income for BID establishments.

We have provided this base income and expenditure budget (DOC 19KB) to identify the resources needed for a newly establishing BID programme.