About the programme

Auckland is growing fast with approximately 660,000 more people expected in the next 30 years. This growth means challenges and opportunities for town centres and key business areas. Through the Business Improvement District (BID) programme, Auckland Council is working with business districts to improve the local business environment and grow the regional economy. This programme creates a relationship between the council and business associations, which are separate entities. There are currently 51 BIDs in Auckland, representing over 25,000 businesses with a combined capital value estimated at $72.7 billion.

BID programme sections

  • Start a BID

    Auckland Council is keen to grow the BID programme across the region. Here's what you need to get started.

  • Running a BID

    Find helpful information and make sure that a BID programme meets the necessary policy and legal requirements.

  • Role of a BID manager

    Details on the on-going programme designed to support the professional development of BID managers.

  • Expand your BID

    Growth presents opportunities for local economic development, including expanding the boundary areas of BID programmes

  • Core documents

    Details of the BID programme agreement, policy requirements, responsibilities, constitutions and more.

​Related topics

  • Rates and budgeting

    An explanation of the targeted rates that fund your BID and how the Auckland Council can help boost economic growth.

  • BID rating maps

    A collection of maps outlining the geographical areas of Auckland's Business Improvement District locations and more.

  • Contact us

    Read everything here and still have questions about how to run a BID programme? This is how you can contact us.