Core documents

BID PolicyBID audience.jpg

The Business Improvement District (BID) Policy sets out the rules for governing a ​BID programme.

This policy has two integral parts:

  • Part 1: Policy Principles (PDF 454KB)
    • sets out high-level principles and why BID programmes are established
    • outlines BID programme goals
    • defines the roles and responsibilities of the council and the business association.
  • Part 2: Policy Operating Standards (PDF 929KB)
    • provides assistance to business associations with managing their BID programme
    • provides the council with operational management guidelines of BID programmes.


BID programme agreement

​Each BID programme requires a formal agreement between Auckland Council and the business association. This agreement commits both parties to accountability and governance requirements for three years.

BID Programme Agreement (DOC 85KB)


A constitution sets out the rules, roles and responsibilities of a business association. The business association’s constitution has to be consistent with the BID Policy.

Constitutions and activities must focus on economic development for members and for the local business community.

A copy of the current constitution for each business association is registered with the Companies Office. For a copy of a constitution, see BID Programme Constitution Template 2016 (DOC 240KB).

Policy requirements

The Policy Operating Standards details what requirements a business association must meet. For information on the topics below, see the Policy Operating Standards (PDF 920KB):

  • Board / executive committee charter
  • Use of BID targeted rate and other funding
  • Annual general meetings
  • Transparency and information access
  • Equity of representation
  • Clarity of roles
  • Measurement and reporting
  • Professional management
  • Insurance
  • Statutory compliance.