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News for July

In the latest BID news for July, we celebrate Matariki and the Elemental AKL winter festival with events being held across Tāmaki Makaurau.

We speak with Ōrewa Beach chair Kim Lyons about the importance of inductions and continuity in BID board governance, and hear his views on what it takes to be an effective board member.

We encourage BID managers to check the expiry date on their BID programme agreements and strategic plans as they prepare to hold their AGMs.

Also, we hear from Marketview on winter retailing trends and look back at last year’s results in BID-operating town centres.

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Kim Lyons – Ōrewa Beach (PDF, 1.33MB)

Winter 2019 retail update (PDF, 178KB)

Alex Holley – South Harbour (PDF, 521KB)

Robynne Pringle – Te Atatū Peninsula (PDF, 367KB)

Future Ready Summit review (PDF, 658KB)


News for June

In the latest BID news for June, we meet the new-look Onehunga BID programme team (pictured) and learn what each of the newbies and promotees do to enhance the iconic south-eastern town centre.

We remind BID programme managers to start thinking about their AGMs; share guidelines and tips for how to prepare for, hold and document an AGM; and invite you to consider increasing your BID targeted rate.

Using Glen Innes as an example, we take you through the process required to expand a BID programme, including seeking local board approval of the map showing the proposed new boundary.

Also, we underline the importance of having a SMART, local board-aligned strategic plan to guide a BID programme.

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Onehunga (PDF 604KB)

AGM resolution (PDF 54KB)

Chris Hammonds – Dominion Road (PDF 416KB)

Chris Makoare – Maungakiekie-Tamaki Local Board (PDF 560KB)

Expanding a BID – Glen Innes (PDF 389KB)

Smart, sustainable, strategic (PDF 240KB)

Plastic free (PDF 119KB)


News for May

In the latest BID news for May, we meet Manurewa's Ken Penney (pictured),
a community and business leader at the cutting edge of community engagement,
Waitākere-Ranges' Steve Tollestrup on the 'unusually lovely' Glen Eden and invite
you to join the Whāriki Māori Business Network.

We share recent presentations by ATEED's local economic development manager John Norman, K' Road's redoubtable double act: Michael Richardson and Gill Plume, plus our BID team's growth specialist Claire Siddens.

We urge BIDs to attend our 20 May networking session to learn about our approach to compliance, monitoring and enforcement, plus a look ahead to a DIY customer service initiative.

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View from the chair – Ken Penney Manurewa (PDF 565KB)

Steve Tollestrup Waitākere Ranges LB (PDF 563KB)

Candidates 19 (PDF 147KB)

Elections 19 (PDF 134KB)

BID Expansions Presentation Wiri April 2019 (PowerPoint 2612KB)

BID Network meeting April 2019 ATEED (PowerPoint 1134KB)

BID Presentation 29 April 2019 Disruption Monday (PowerPoint 7181KB)

FINAL BID Growth workshop April (PowerPoint 6177KB)


News for April

Panmure BA board meeting In the latest BID news for April, we speak with one business association chair, two local board members and a host of BID programme managers from across Tāmaki Makaurau.

We catch up with the Panmure Business Association (pictured) about how its interests align those of the Maungakiekie-Tāmaki Local Board.

We report an A-minus on the compliance front, with most but not all business associations meeting their BID programme requirements.

We invite you to not one but two meetings in April, including a special workshop for those thinking about expanding their BID boundaries.

We also feature several events – from a hop to a revv-up and an art trail – with BIDs front and centre in every case.

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Tony Carter - Torbay Business Association (PDF 459KB)

Panmure Business Association (PDF 859KB)

BIDs' grants 2019/2020 (PDF 230KB)


News for March

Brent KennedyIn the latest BID news, we meet BID newcomer Uptown’s Brent Kennedy (pictured), and catch up with Pukekohe’s Kendyl Sullivan who has returned to work after maternity leave.

We also encourage you to take advantage of several consultation opportunities relating to rates, water and speed.

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Brent Kennedy - Uptown (PDF 993KB)

Kendyl Sullivan - Pukekohe (PDF 713KB)

Signage Bylaw review presentation (PPT 455KB)


News for February

Orewa sandcastleIn the latest BID news for January-February, we invite BID programme managers along to our first networking meeting of the year when topics include what’s planned for the second (2019-20) year of our $26B ‘build-it budget’.

We urge BIDs to arrange their (at least) annual conversation with their local board(s) – a BID Policy requirement and key to aligning shared interests.

We travel from Ōtara to Ōrewa to catch up with town centre managers and visit the co-chairs of the rebuilt Northcote Town Centre BID board.

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Event Debrief - An Eden Park Cristmas (PDF 474KB)

Hellen Wilkins - Ōrewa (PDF 555KB)

Rana Judge - Old Papatoetoe (PDF 829KB)

Yee Tang - Northcote Town Centre (PDF 513KB)




News for December

GraphIn the latest BID news for December we report back on the topline results of our 2018 BID survey and announce the names of the seven prize-winners.

We explain the post-AGM 'to do' list for BID programme managers, including an induction checklist, and link you to one funky precinct's korero initiative.

We also talk with two members of our Franklin Local Board to get their insights on the growing economic opportunities down in Tāmaki Makaurau's burgeoning deep south.

Finally, we ask one newly elected business association chair about the governance challenges that come with a four-fold BID expansion.

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BID Programme Survey Findings 2018 (PDF 1960KB)

Explore North Shore (PDF 456KB)

Franklin Local Board- Angela Fulljames and Alan Cole (PDF 251KB)

K Road Korero (PDF 341KB)

Maureen Collins-Wright- Wiri (PDF 336KB)

Papakura Business Association (PDF 492KB)

Vaakore Enosa- Dominion Road (PDF 263KB)


News for November

Northcote streetIn the latest BID news for November we catch up with town centre managers who have recently updated their strategic plans, taking on board emerging competition, transformative change and data-driven insights.

We also speak with a local board member who brings to two BIDs' board tables wide-ranging governance experience, council contacts and local passion.

We visit Northcote to learn more about its brilliant new safety features (pictured right) and a clever collaboration with council's urban regeneration agency.

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Christina Bettany - Hibiscus and Bays Local Board (PDF 455KB)

Glen Innes - strategic plan (PDF 247KB)

Joanne Martin - Torbay (PDF 403KB)

Kae Condon - Birkenhead Village (PDF 314KB)

Making Auckland smokefree (PDF 149KB)

Northcote illuminations (PDF 153KB)

Onehunga - Hertiage Festival (PDF 280KB)

Panuku and ATEED Workshop presentation - October 2018 ( PowerPoint 6.14KB)


News for October

Mark Knoff-ThomasIn the latest BID news for October we speak with four men who share a connection with Newmarket - the fashion precinct offering more than bricks and mortar (Newmarket Business Association CEO Mark Knoff-Thomas pictured right).

We also meet 'Jodie from the Block’, find out what’s app in Uptown and meet a BID manager who has been there, done that.

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Mark Knoff-Thomas - Newmarket Business Association (PDF 341KB)

Mark Hill-Rennie - Newmarket Business Association (PDF 368KB)

Jodie Judd - Blockhouse Bay BID (PDF 330KB)

Wendy Dunn - Pukukohe Business Association (PDF 427KB)

Phelan Pirrie - North West Country BID (PDF 423KB)

Cameron Brewer - Rodney Local Board (PDF 163)

Rob Thomas - Waitematā Local Board (PDF 256KB)

Uptown BID Heritage Festival app (PDF 200KB)

BID Update newsletter October 2018 (PDF 1.1MB)


News for September

In the latest BID news for September we meet Les Dixon – chair of the South Harbour Business Association, retired engineer and priest.

We also ask Alaskan-born Howick Local Board member Mike Turinsky about his experiences liaising with Greater East Tāmaki Business Association (GETBA)

We link you to recent networking presentations and tell BID managers how they can win theatre tickets or zoo passes simply by completing a five-minute survey.

Also, don't forget that you can read this month's and earlier BID Update newsletters simply by clicking the BID Update newsletter archive link above.


Les Dixon - South Harbour Business Association (PDF 330KB)

Mike Turinsky - Howick Local Board (PDF 445KB)

Dave Fearon - Mangere East Village (PDF 197KB)

K'Rd Stategic Plan overview (PDF 296KB)

Live Lightly BIDS presentation August 2018 (PDF 6.1MB)

Wiri Waste Management presentation August 2018 (PowerPoint 1.7MB)

BID Update newsletter September 2018 (PDF 1.09MB)


Year in review

We look back on the 2017-18 financial year, another busy one for Auckland’s BID programme.

Many of the year’s achievements are highlighted in our special edition newsletter.

2018 year in review newsletter (PDF 817KB)


News for August

The latest BID news for August features interviews with BID programme managers representing Auckland’s hippest strip, the fringe district and a security-savvy southern Auckland precinct.

We find out how the Ōtara-Papatoetoe Local Board is investing in town centre revitalisation and seeking transparency, accountability and innovation from its main BIDs.

We link you to recent presentations, topical news articles and even a podcast.

Also, don't forget that you can read this month's and earlier BID Update newsletters simply by clicking the BID Update newsletter archive link above.


Ponsonby report - Vivienne Rosenberg (PDF 413KB)

Kingsland report - Claire Baxter-Cardy (PDF 436KB)

Manukau report - Kerry Burridge (PDF 266KB)

Ōtara-Papatoetoe report - Ross Robertson (PDF 348KB)

BID Update newsletter August 2018 (PDF 1.2MB)


News for July

Shane HendersonThe latest BID news for July features an interview with Shane Henderson (pictured right), chair of the Henderson-Massey Local Board. Shane explains why economic development is so important to the “historic heart of the west”.

We ask a leading retail academic about the changing nature of shopping and suggest some part-time study options to interest town centre managers.

We also speak with proud Howickite Jane Newbury, Māngere Bridge’s Kate Adams, Ōtara and Papatoetoe’s Rana Judge and Glen Eden’s Jennifer Conlon.

Also, don't forget that you can read this month's and earlier BID Update newsletters simply by clicking the BID Update newsletter archive link above.


Shane Henderson - Henderson-Massey Local Board (PDF 356KB)

Jane Newbury - Howick Village Business Association (PDF 322KB)

Mangere Bridge BID report (PDF463KB)

Rana Judge - Otara and Papatoetoe (PDF 423KB)

Jennifer Conlon - Glen Eden BID (PDF 283KB)

Alan Duncan - Panmure Business Association (PDF 258KB)

Massey University retail insights (PDF 370KB)

Climate Action Plan - July 2018 (PDF 225KB)


News for June

The latest BID news for June features an interview with Michael Stechman of consumer spending experts Marketview. Michael explains what’s giving Business Improvement Districts a competitive advantage over non-BID areas (pictured right).

We talk with Business North Harbour chair Peter Lamberton about how his business association’s board structure changed, enhancing cohesion and developing greater skill-sets for board members.

We outline some of the town centre-related activities of council-controlled organisations, Panuku and ATEED, and tell you about the new Auckland Prosperity Index.

Plus, we introduce some new BID programme managers and profile one of the more experienced, New Lynn’s Tracy Mulholland.

Also, don't forget that you can read this month's and earlier BID Update newsletters simply by clicking the BID Update newsletter archive link above.


Michael Stechman from Marketview (PDF 156KB)

Peter Lamberton - Business North Harbour (PDF 395KB)

Tracey Mulholland - New Lynn Business Asscoiation (PDF 390KB)

Orewa Beach social media report (PDF 329KB)

BIDs shaping city's Climate Action Plan (PDF 183KB)


News for May

The latest BID news for May features articles on Māngere’s holistic approach to homelessness and upgrading CCTV at Papakura Town Centre (pictured right).

We talk with Rosebank business association chair Bernard McCrea and Devonport-Takapuna Local Board chair George Wood and share their governance insights and experiences with BID programmes.

We explain why a board charter is such a must have – including a clear approach to addressing conflicts of interests.

Plus, we learn about one BID programme manager’s organic approach to recruiting board members and a shared services approach to governance training.

Also, don't forget that you can read this month's and earlier BID Update newsletters simply by clicking the BID Update newsletter archive link above.


Māngere’s holistic approach (PDF 154KB)

Māngere’s organic recruitment strategy (PDF 163)

Bernard McCrea - Rosebank Business Association (PDF 311KB)

George Wood - Devonport-Takapuna Local Board (PDF 741KB)

Board charter - Conflicts of Interest (PDF 67KB)

Joint governance training (PDF 133KB)

Smokefree policy update (PDF 121KB)

Heart of the City social media report (PDF 1.9MB)

New York City BID report 2017 (PDF 9.1MB)

Auckland Cultural Festival (PDF 355KB)


News for April

Angela DaltonThe latest BID news for April features an interview with Manurewa Local Board chair Angela Dalton (pictured right). The experienced local body politician and former BID manager explains why the relationships between BIDs and local boards are critical to ensuring optimal investment into economic development.

We also talk with an equally experienced business association chair, GETBA’s Richard Poole, about his governance insights - including his advice to anyone thinking of standing for election.

We link you to the video recording of ATEED’s recent Local Economic Development Masterclass, held last month in the heart of Auckland’s innovation precinct.

Plus, we investigate whether associate membership is a good option, how best to set up new committee members for success, and speak with three BID programme managers for their takeouts from the recent Hamilton hui of town centre managers.

Also, don't forget that you can read this month's and earlier BID Update newsletters simply by clicking the BID Update newsletter archive link above.


Angela Dalton - Manurewa Local Board (PDF 542KB)

Richard Poole - GETBA (PDF 718KB)

Ellerslie Strategic Plan 2017-2022 (PDF 627KB)

Social media insights - Ellerslie (PDF 516KB)

Hamilton hui summary (PDF 468KB)

Orewa recycling challenge success (PDF 310KB)

Associate BID membership details (PDF 340KB)

Supporting nominee board members (PDF 209KB)


News for March

Cecilia NgoThe latest BID news for March features an interview with Cecilia Ngo (pictured right), Remuera's new Business Development Manager. We spoke with Cecilia and colleague Shelley McArthur-Dye to hear how they hit the floor running in the lead-up to last Christmas and this year's Chinese New Year festival.

We also talk with one of Northcote Town Centre's boomerang board members, the engaging Niki Cowie, and find out why she rejoined the BID's executive committee.

Earlier this year, we interviewed the then chair of the Maungakiekie-Tāmaki Local Board Josephine Bartley on what she believes a local board's "BID rep" liaison should bring to the key role. We congratulate Josephine on winning the recent by-election and a seat on the Auckland Council (Maungakiekie-Tāmaki Ward).

In addition, we learn more about Ellerslie Village's brand new look, Murray Hill's experimental take on social media, who let the dogs out and why, and explain why transparency is key to ensuring BID affiliates know what's going on.

Also, don't forget that you can read this month's and earlier BID Update newsletters simply by clicking the BID Update newsletter archive link above.


Remuera - new team taking BID forward (PDF 582KB)

Northcote BID's Niki Cowie (PDF 695KB)

Josephine Bartley - Maungakiekie-Tāmaki Local Board (PDF 588KB)

Takapuna Beach Business Association - Tony Dench (PDF 448KB)

Murray Hill - social media insights (PDF 608KB)

Transparency is key (PDF 278KB)


News for February

The latest BID news for February features two articles about Papatoetoe’s Hunters Corner. The safety first South Auckland town centre could become Auckland’s ‘Little India’ if locals back the idea (image right). We speak with BID programme manager Donna Lee to find out more.

We also talk with Waiuku’s Sharlene Druyven (manager) and Deborah Andrew (chair) to learn about the growth ambitions of the heritage township, located 40 km southwest of Auckland’s CBD.

In the latest in our series focusing on how BID programmes are using social media, we hear how Heart of the City has embraced Facebook, Instagram and Twitter to varying degrees. The city’s largest BID has two websites featuring a rich source of information that are central to growing an engaged digital following.

Also, don't forget that you can read this month's and earlier BID Update newsletters simply by clicking the BID Update newsletter archive link above.


Papatoetoe Hunters Corner - safety first (PDF 569KB)

Papatoetoe Hunters Corner - Little India (PDF 873KB)

Waiuku BID chair Deborah Andrew (PDF 572KB)

Waiuku's Sharlene Druyven on heritage (PDF 491KB)

Heart of the City social media insights (PDF 428)

Birkenhead BID battles back (PDF 460KB)

Devonport BID heritage brand (PDF 286KB)

Uptown BID update - member engagement (PDF 559KB)

BID member survey results summary (PDF 417KB)

BID annual research summary (PowerPoint file 757KB)




News for December

William MaddisonThe latest BID news for December features an interview with K’ Road’s William Maddison (photo, right), who is helping the bohemian BID embrace social media. His contribution is paying dividends with the iconic strip’s retail spending statistics up a whopping 13.4 per cent in the past financial year.

We also meet two Shore-based business association bosses, the experienced Janine Brinsdon of Business North Harbour, and newcomer Terence Harpur from Takapuna Beach. The history of collaboration between BIDs north of the bridge looks set to continue, as our interviews reveal.

We explain the difference between a business association member and a BID affiliate, add a gentle reminder to please keep sending us your AGM documents and report on one of the key contributors to the success of any BID programme – the role played by the local board member appointed to liaise with the BID operating business association.

Also, don't forget that you can read this month's and earlier BID Update newsletters simply by clicking the BID Update newsletter archive link above.


William Maddison - K' Road (PDF 440KB)

Terence Harpur - Takapuna Beach (PDF 383KB)

Janine Brinsdon - North Harbour (PDF 744KB)

What local board reps can do for you (PDF 558KB)


News for November

Brent CatchpoleThe latest BID news for November features an interview with Papakura Local Board chair Brent Catchpole (photo right), who plays a leading role in building stronger ties with the district's growing business community.

Brent represents the local board in liaising with the Papakura Town Centre business association. In our article, he shares his insights and advice on how to make the BID-local board relationship work well.

We also meet trilingual communicators Katie Chan and Jennifer Lian, who help local business associations engage with hard-to-reach Chinese business and property owners, and their customers.

Plus, we give BID programme managers the chance to win Sia concert tickets for her Mt Smart show once they complete our 15-minute BID survey this month. The survey link has been be emailed to BID managers.


Brent Catchpole Papakura (PDF 640KB)

Katie Chan and Jennifer Lian (PDF 709KB)

Orewa Beach - Zero waste (PDF 631KB)

Mt Eden BID social media (PDF 137KB)


News for October

The latest BID news for October features an interview with Pukekohe Business Association chair Margaret Holmes (image right), who explains why the creation of Auckland Council in 2010 gave the town centre in Auckland's rural south the impetus to become a BID.

"I was inspired to get involved with the organisation to ensure the interests of business in Pukekohe were properly represented and to ensure local business continued to thrive, particularly as local government reorganisation was under discussion at the time," she says.

Also this month we meet Kaipātiki Local Board chair Danielle Grant, who likes to keep the area's two BID programmes "near and dear to our heart", and we publish slides from recent presentations by a retail studies professor and the BID programme team.

Plus, we cross the Shore to talk to the experienced Murray Hill, meet bright BID newcomer Toni van Tonder, and let you know of an impending vacancy at Takapuna Beach.


Crime prevention notes (PDF 233KB)

BIDs allocation - governance advisors (PDF 418KB)

Annual accountability agreements 2016-2017 (PDF 184KB)

Toni van Tonder - Devonport (415KB)

Murray Hill - Browns Bay (PDF 694KB)

Margaret Holmes - Pukekohe (PDF 643KB)

Danielle Grant - Kaipātiki (PDF 559KB)

BIDs and boards (PPT 7.9MB)

Big issues in retail (PPT 6.6MB)


News for September

The latest BID news for September features an interview with BID team boss and CCO Governance & External Partnerships Manager, Alastair Cameron (pictured centre, right).

"I’m aware of the BIDs’ desire to connect more directly and effectively with council and CCO staff," says Alastair. "As manager of both the BID and CCO Governance teams, I’m keen to use my position and contacts to help where I can.

"I heard firsthand BID managers’ frustrations when I attended a recent networking meeting at Highbrook. I offered to help achieve some 'cut-through' at the executive level of CCOs – and that invitation still stands."

Also this month we meet St Heliers Village Business Association chair Pete Jones, who talks about his BID’s research-based strategic plan and learn why an Albert-Eden Local Board member thinks Mt Eden is the 'best little BID in town'.

There’s also an update on our diversity research, news of Takapuna Beach’s success in tempting the tourist dollar and we discover how tikanga talks in Papakura.


BID programme leader Alastair Cameron (PDF 265KB)

St Heliers Business Association chair Pete Jones (PDF 358KB)

Albert-Eden Local Board liason Lee Corrick (PDF 359KB)

Auckland's growing diversity (PDF 157KB)

Papakura - Where tikanga talks (PDF 454KB)


News for August

We’re coming into the AGM season once again and the latest BID news for August features advice on how to prepare for, hold, and record your AGM.

We talk with Mt Eden Village business association chair Steve Roper (pictured right) - an optometrist with a clear vision and a strong board to help him govern the town centre’s BID programme.

When asked to describe the three main benefits of the BID programme, Steve replied: "Firstly, it provides structure. Secondly, its strategic framework helps set a clear direction and, thirdly, the funded work programme allows us to deliver real benefits to our local business community."

We also meet the newest member of the BID programme team and find out who’s new in the ranks of BID management – and who has taken on new roles.

There is also a profile on the multi-skilled Dr Malcolm Paterson - who represents Ngāti Whātua o Kaipara on the North West Country BID committee - discover how BID manager Joanne Martin is doubling up in the Bays, and learn how the Waitematā Local Board is supporting six BIDs in Auckland’s economic ‘engine room’.


Mt Eden Village chairperson Steve Roper (PDF 355KB)

Torbay and Mairangi Bay BID managerJoanne Martin (PDF 526KB)

Waitematā Local

Board chairperson Pippa Coom (PDF 520KB)

Malcolm Paterson Ngāti Whātua o Kaipara (PDF 365KB)

Meet Paul (PDF 186KB)

BID chronology


Recent presentations, resources

The following five PDF documents on growth and governance are now available for download.

BID growth workshop July 2017 (PDF 1.07MB)

outline (PDF 147KB)

BID governance resources June 2017 (PDF 118KB)

Papakura Business Association growth (PDF 694KB)

Parnell BID expansion and governance (PDF 353KB)

Northcote Town Centre report (PDF 317KB)



BID manager survey findings

Thanks to the 13 BID programme managers who returned the recent BID survey sent out in October 2016. While we had hoped for a much higher response, the results are still a useful indicator of what you’re thinking on several issues and opportunities.

The four-page survey was designed to "identify services that support the planning and execution of shared outcomes for business associations and Auckland Council, and to lift the profile of the BID programme across the region," says the survey’s author Rose Cosgrove.

In her role as BID Relationship Specialist, Rose will focus on initiatives that increase engagement and collaboration, address our diverse and changing environment, and identify opportunities for external relationships.

"The views and preferences expressed by BID managers help us set the work programme and network meeting calendar over the next three years," says Rose. "We’re publishing six graphs for your information and invite those managers who haven’t completed the survey to do so or give me a call so I can record your feedback and plan accordingly."

The survey’s findings include:

  • Marketview is the service provider that the most respondents wanted to present to the BID network meetings (and they’re coming this month)
  • among council departments, Licensing & Compliance was the most sought-after presenter (we’ll invite its Bylaws team back to update you on their ongoing review)
  • ATEED is also considered a key target for a future presentation (the BID programme team is meeting with ATEED’s local economic development team this month when we’ll extend the invitation to come along to your BID network meetings in coming months)
  • The impacts of Auckland’s growing, ageing and ethnically diverse population are attracting the attention of BID managers with seven keen to take part in a cultural diversity pilot which will involve Rose as part of a cross-council collaborative programme
  • as the graph Working with Council above indicates, there’s room for improvement. The BID networking meetings are a regular engagement forum and, as evidenced by the discussion on the Draft Annual Budget 2017-2018 last month, council officers are receptive to facilitating feedback channels to ensure the BIDs’ voice is heard – in this case, a regional stakeholder event attended by Mayor Phil Goff and all city councillors.

BID October 2016 survey results (PDF 636KB)