AGM.jpgAnnual general meetings

Annual General Meetings (AGMs) are an important part of the BID programme calendar.

Under the BID Policy, business associations have to hold an AGM within four months following 30 June, the end of the financial year. Business associations have until the end of October to hold their AGM.

AGMs are an opportunity to:

  • report to BID programme members
  • celebrate the achievements of the previous financial year.

New content: AGM tips for BID managers 2019 
(PDF 285KB)

Honoraria disclosure (PDF 48KB)

Meeting guidelines

To know how to prepare for an AGM and how to document the outcomes, see the Annual General Meeting Guidelines (PDF 3.6MB).

When there is an urgent need to hold a general meeting outside the period for AGMs, the business association can hold a Special General Meeting (SGM).

To know when and how to hold an SGM, see the Special General Meeting guidelines in the AGM Guidelines (PDF 3.4MB)

Before holding an AGM or SGM, BID managers need to send all AGM and SGM documents, and draft resolutions to the council BID programme team. 

Email the council BID team.