​Conflicts of interest

Business associations have to address conflicts of interest before they become a concern. Conflicts of interest can involve the business association or local board members.  

Under the BID Policy, business associations need to adopt a board (executive committee) charter. The charter must include the process for managing conflicts.

See the template of board charter (DOC 31KB).


Possible conflicts 

Local board representative with conflicts of interest

The local board appointed representative to the business association executive committee must declare any conflicts of interest.

Possible conflicts are:

  • owning a business property in the BID area
  • running a business within the BID area.

Local board representatives must speak on behalf of the local board's interest, not their own.

Other local board members attending business association meetings

Only the designated representative can speak on the local board's behalf at business association meetings. Other local board members may attend as invited guests.

For more information, see Conflicts of interest and resolutions in the Policy Operating Standards (PDF 920KB).