​Audits, reports and surveys

Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)

Business associations operating a BID programme have to set and report on Key Performance Indicators (PDF 244KB) . These performance indicators must be:

  • meaningful
  • measurable
  • aligned to achieving the planned outcomes.

Business associations must choose a minimum of three performance measures to report against on a regular basis. They have to present this at regular executive committee meetings.

Measures are at their discretion but should relate to their stated objectives and goals. They can include outputs and outcomes and a combination of both. Business associations should consider both 'forward-looking' and 'backward-facing' performance indicators to track their progress towards their goals.

Management reporting

The BID Policy sets out the accountability requirements that a business association must report against to record the performance of their BID programme. For more information, see BID programme reporting requirements in the Policy Operating Standards (PDF 934KB).

This includes the Annual Accountability Agreement (DOC 62KB) which contains reporting and accountability requirements. The business association’s executive committee chair must sign the completed mandatory checklist. This has to be sent to Auckland Council by March 10 each year.

The business association can report annually on a review of the previous year and highlights for the year-to-date to the appropriate local boards.

This also helps BID programme partners explore ways to work together for the next 12 to 24 months.

Annual reporting to Incorporated Societies

Business associations are incorporated societies and as such are required to file annual financial statements with the Companies Office.

You can file statements online through the Companies Office website. This must be completed following an AGM.


Auckland Council collects the BID targeted rate on behalf of business associations. It is also accountable for the use of these funds.

Under the BID Policy, a registered auditor must audit the business association's annual accounts.

BID programmes with an annual targeted rate income under $100,000 only require an audit every two years if they meet certain conditions. The audit would be of the financial year that has just been completed. This is subject to the:

  • council’s discretion
  • previous auditor’s report and management letter not raising any serious concerns.

Audits for all BID programmes must report on:

  • financial and fraud management policies
  • oversight of financial processing and reporting by the business association executive committee
  • budget setting and financial reporting
  • segregation of duties
  • invoice review, authorisation, payment, recording and reporting processes
  • any changes in the auditor’s assessment of the effectiveness of the financial management control environment (since the previous audit). 

For more information on these requirements, you can read the BID Financial Statements Audit Requirements (PDF 273KB).

Survey tools

A number of easy-to-use survey templates have been created to help you measure your BID programme's effectiveness and identify opportunities to build on its success.

The templates are available here:

BID survey template (DOC 100KB)

Business Association survey design instructions  (DOC 42KB)